January 25, 2010


Something of Mondays to be uneventful. After nap time we were racking our brains for something fun to do. A little out of our normal routine. We concluded play dough must be made.

Previously, I've made it then Piper plays with it. I ventured out this time and let her help make it. She was the perfect (-ly messy) small helper.

Jumped right into the opportunity to scoop flour into the pan, dump out salt, stir, taste (hmmm) and stir some more. All before we even turned on the heat.

In the end we divided the dough to make two colors: blue and red (err, pink). Resulting in hours of entertainment. Many flowers for Calder and I, a crayon roll or two, a fisher, a goat, a bunny, a butterfly earring for her to wear, and a heap of 'peace pie.' The colors have been sufficiently mixed together. Surely next time it comes out to play, it'll be purple-ish.

Sorry for the picture heavy post, think of it as compensation for the picture light previous post.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Piper! You and your mama are just the greatest.

Anonymous said...

I loved both posts! Thank you for sharing and allowing us all a picture window view into your daily activities! Fun stuff!