January 05, 2010

Hopes for Warmth

Over the weekend Piper had the opportunity to go shopping. She acted like a pro - a girl that has been to the mall a total of one time. I guess Auntie taught her well. Piper browsed and went through racks as if looking for her size. Finally she found what she wanted...sandals, pink(!) sandals.

She wanted to wear them on the way home. We let her, explaining that its winter and there is snow. Her feet would be cold. Piper confidently told us that her feet wouldn't be cold. Maybe she hopes for summer already. We let her try it. She beamed as she stood next to the snow bank saying, it's not cold. Since then she's worn them on a daily basis - inside. Asks for help putting them on, then prances around for a while. Alas, off to the next thing.

Today it was making sure Calder was properly attired with blankets. Then forcing her likes upon her little brother - as every good big sister does. And as every good little brother does, he happily obliged her.

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