January 10, 2010

Tiny Tea Party

Piper had a wonderful tea party with her friends. Thank you to everyone that celebrated (with) her. We had a little lady on a bit of a sugar high on our hands, she's never in her life had so much sugar in one day let alone one sitting. Oh, she found a love for frosting. We topped off the day with some hot tubbing and dinner with three aunties and an uncle.

Hope you all had fun weekending. We did. And now we rest.

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Grandma said...

The tea party was a little girl's dream (A big girl's too!)It was very impressive to walk in the room and see all the color. All little girl's and one boy sitting like big kid's at school. Very quite, enjoying there food. Everyone dressed in there finest party clothes. It was a very wonderful tea party. I was honored to be there. Love, Grandma