January 14, 2010

I've Found It!

...sort of. My 'groove' that is. After three months with two littles I've gotten some time in my day to sew. I owe a lot of it to my littlest going along with my desire (maternal need) to nurse exclusively. Frees up time bottle feeding; the prep time, the time to acquire the contents of said bottle, not to mention the associated dish washing time. Up until a few weeks ago, the only crafting that was being done by me was in the form of knitting. Solstice gifts for two of my loves and for no reason items for my little guy. Oh but now, in addition to finding time to do some house work, I've sewn a dozen crayon rolls, a car organizer, a dress for a special lady, a jacket for a neighbors new baby girl, and this.

A bag to dispense our hankies. I came across this great idea on a craft blog and I've been planning on making this since the end of summer. Shortly after my mom bestowed upon me a collection of hankies from my great grandmother - I do believe some are from my grandmother too. They are so neat. One of the very few family heirlooms we have and we blow our nose in them. It feels so quaint, and we like to think Mother Earth thanks us for it. Piper loves to use them and even has her favorites. My intention was to make them a little more accessible to get at than a box on a shelf. I *think* this will work, even for Piper. Plus, no more need to fold after laundering them! Now for a little time to make bread again. That may be asking a bit much.

Oh yes, Piper wanted to show off her favorite gift from her tea party. Some thrifted old lady clip-on earrings. She wore them two days straight - to the point of marks on her lobes that lasted for three days. I suspect those marks will be back tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Love the earrings Pipster. They look great on you :)

Emmy, (aka homemaker of the year)
I am so excitied your getting back into the groove. Your creations are the best. You are very talented and I am still waiting for the shop to open!