May 14, 2010

Off to the Movies

I think I was blogged out this week. So much effort went into last week. I'm still working on putting together my album and plan to share when I'm finished.

I took Piper (and Calder) to her first movie at the theater yesterday. A documentary - welcome to our family lady. It was about a subject she loves at least. It was Babies!

The whole process was fun for her. Going in, getting our tickets, the line for popcorn (a decaf mocha for me) and the big 'TV'. Piper did well and as I suspected talked me through most of the movie. Her favorite part: 'that baby is nursing on that baby's bee bo!' One of my favorite parts was when she told everyone she passed in our isle 'I have to peepee. I'm going to go to the bathroom.' Luckily some of the knew us.

Happy weekending to you!

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