May 09, 2010

Week In the Life : Day Six

Saturday joins us like every other day. But today the kids and I are up first. While Zac sleeps in, I make Piper and I pancakes. And again when Zac gets up.

We have our morning dance club. Today to the new CD we borrowed from the library yesterday. This one is about jumping and has instructions on what you're to be doing. Piper listens intently to follow along. She woke up in the same outfit she picked out and wore yesterday. Wanted to wear it to bed last night and I don't fight that.

Its COLD and rainy out. Our plans for yard work are on hold for the day. We pile in the car to go scouting. Along our trip Piper comments on how Zac and I have matching hair color. Indeed Sweet P, that's what you're in for too, I'd imagine.

While we're out we grab lunch at a little cafe near our old apartment. Food is good, water is bad. Piper says she's being dangerous by putting her booster on an elevated part of the bench. Calder fusses through most of lunch. I end up walking him around to quiet him. We head home for naps - Zac included. I do some clean up around the house and put on a movie.

Nap time nearly ran to dinner time. Not long after everyone's up I start dinner - chimichangas. Again, Calder's not happy to be in his chair for long. I end up eating with him on my lap.

After dinner is cleaned up, I set to vacuuming the floor. Piper wants to come along in the carrier. She prefers to ride on the 'front side' which is a little cumbersome. But I do it, how can I argue with my 28 month old still wanting to be in the carrier to cuddle during house chores. Some day she'll want nothing to do with it.

Littles get off to bed. Around 9 I head out the door, which is very rare for me. I meet up with two of my sisters in Madison for a drink and a bachelorette party. How pleased I was, as a 29 year old mama of two, to get carded at both places we went to. Stayed out past my bed time and came home to a snotty baby who wanted to nurse all night.


Stormy said...

So fun to go out for an evening with your sisters! I think the picture of you & Zac in the car is funny. You're doing great with taking pictures!! The week is almost done. I would love to know how many you took all together :o) Hope your Sunday was terrific.

yeoman said...

girls just want to have fun !

HomeGrownMama said...

Yeoman, your other daughters sure were a good time. Not that they aren't usually.