May 23, 2010


It's a hot one around our house. Luckily inside is a cool reprieve with the windows open to the shady breeze in front. With such beautiful weather we're hesitant to stay inside.

We walked downtown this morning for a little brunch. By the time we were back at our front stoop we were all feeling a bit flushed. Sat for a bit in the shade, removed as much clothing as we could. Calder was feeling the heat in a sleepy sort of way. I came in for a drink, sat him down and next thing I knew he was sleeping. Not for long - which I also think had to do with the heat. He's a hot one that Calder of ours.

Yesterday morning, and today too, Piper and I found a duck couple in our backyard. Piper pointed out that they're not by the water. They spent most of yesterday morning in the shade of our big pine tree.

We on the other hand spent our morning yesterday, from eight till lunch, volunteering at a nearby elementary school. There was landscaping to be done. We planted new shrubs, spread mulch, moved a couple of hostas, and a bit of weeding.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?

Martin Luther King, Jr

When Piper was just a baby we got the idea of doing one community service project each year as a family. We thought it would aid in instilling in our children a sense of community, goodwill and appreciation for what we have. Just before Piper turned one, we helped serve a meal to the less fortunate in our community. She didn't understand what we were doing, of course, but we felt sure that we were on the right track with this. We figured we'd do something similar the next winter. That didn't happen, Calder came before he was expected, we had a little too much to coordinate. Then this opportunity presented itself to us.

Piper had a good time, understood what we were doing this time. Probably not the why, but its a start. She grabbed a big shovel and tried her best to help out. Was mostly content to wander the play ground and watch us with snack or drink in hand. Calder was all over too, in the carrier multiple times, a nap in the stroller and on the blanket on the ground.

Hoping you all stayed cool in your weekending.

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