May 10, 2010

Week In the Life : Day Seven

Zac took the littles down stairs when they woke early this morning so I could try to catch up on some sleep. Calder was restless and was up most of the night last night due to his runny nose. I came down a while later, took the kids and Zac resumed his normal weekend morning routine.

While I ate breakfast, Calder sat in his swing. I caught him sucking his thumb. Not his standard two fingers.

Piper spent a bit of time after breakfast trying out the shoes I wore out last night. She found them a little hard to get around in and abandoned them on the floor.

I think the changes in weather the past few days brought on Calder's runny nose. Poor man! He was fussy on and off, needed lots of extra loving, cuddling and bouncing.

Our late morning and early afternoon were spent in and out of the car. Lunch out again. We got home for a late nap. Zac napped with Piper again. Calder didn't want to go down so he and I tried to keep quite so Piper would sleep.

I spent a little time in the yard. Pulling weeds, picking flowers. Calder decided to take a small nap. After he woke up and nursed Piper thought maybe Calder would want to sit by her. She wanted him on her lap so she could play that he was riding a motorcycle. She made engine noises and tried her best to hold him up while she moved her legs as if he was driving curves. He liked it, he was happy and laughing.

Zac, as has become our weekly tradition, made us popcorn on the stove top for dinner. Piper went up to bed, thought she wanted to try to take herself to bed. But backed out as she headed up the stairs. I took her to bed and Calder an hour later.

Well that's it. Our Week in the Life is over. I don't know that it was a normal week for us. Maybe normal in the sense that we don't always know what our weeks will bring when we start them. We strive for more of a rhythm to our days and weeks than a set schedule.

I had fun, but am feeling a little relief that I don't have to document our days anymore - at least for a while. Now I need to find some time to put this into the final product. I'm hoping that what I've already worked on in this space will lead me down the road I need to be on.

Enjoy your week!


Camille said...

It's awesome you made it all the way through. I am excited to see what the finished product is like.

Anonymous said...

Calder looks particularly cut in this picture and those high heels are nice.