May 07, 2010

Week In the Life : Day Four

A lazy morning, we woke up late and laid in bed until 9. Met with a rush to get out the door to our play date.

Quick breakfast. After Piper asks to watch something. She rarely wants to watch TV, maybe once every two weeks. I put on PBS for her, while I check email. That last about 15 mins and she asks to turn it off. A quick shower and we hit the road.

Play date with friends at Bean Sprouts. Piper takes up one of her favorite activities - coloring. She found a coloring book with kitties in it.

Yum! Strawberry, banana smoothie with lunch.

Calder and I pose for a picture before we're off to pick up Zac for an after lunch meeting.

Normal nap time was missed while out. But Calder is no cranky pants about it. We play while trying to convince Piper to take a nap. Today she wins. She comes down for a drink. Tells me, 'I thought of something while I was upstairs.' Upon asking her what she tells me, 'I need some orange juice.' I tell her good thing she came to get some then.

I wash up the dishes and start the diapers. Piper entertains Calder, who's swinging, by pretending to make him cookies. Even goes so far as to get out a cookie sheet. She's so good at sharing, with everything.

We walk down to the co-op to get the missing ingredients for homemade pizza. My SD card goes on the fritz. I worry my days pictures are gone. Dinner is over, I clean up. Zac and Piper go over to the neighbors again. Piper comes home with a baggie of crackers and goes right to bed - she's tired and cranky from lack of nap. I beg Zac to fix my SD card - and he does, tells me I owe him. Oh I love him and he's good with my broken technology too.


Stormy said...

I love that Black & White picture of Piper!!

HomeGrownMama said...

I love that one too. I think its my favorite from the week!