May 06, 2010

Week In the Life : Day Three

We were all up in time to see Zac off to work. Piper and I made pancakes for breakfast. She likes to sit and watch them cook and remind me 'I'm not going to touch. Its hot!' I love her wild hair in the mornings, although today is particularly tame.

After breakfast is over Piper started in with her daily dose of book reading. Calder is an attentive audience. She did good work of keeping him occupied while I tried to corral the dishes near the sink for washing...later.

While Calder napped, Piper and I got ready for the day. We played salon and painted our toes. She requested three coats of two different shades of pink, ending with the darkest.

Piper got a phone call. She excitedly tells of how she said she had to go potty and 'Mama told me to use the little one cuz she was upstairs getting dressed.' Mad laughter follows. She hangs up and asks to call Zac. We try two of his numbers before reaching him.

Another walk ending at the park. More swinging. Feeling deja vu.

Piper has made house under the slides. Claims the circle part is her car. Calder starts to get drowsy, we head home for lunch.

Calder takes a brief nap - just long enough for me to make and have lunch with Piper. He sits on my lap and we watch Piper finish eating. Off to nap for her. Calder and I play a bit, he nurses and takes his real afternoon nap.

Piper fights me about taking a nap. I insist she needs one and turns out I was right - I find her in bed asleep with her book still propped up in her hands. I wash dishes and fold a basket of laundry then surf the web and IM with Zac.

Dinner is over and the dishes, once again, will wait until tomorrow. Zac took Calder for a walk over to the neighbor's house. Piper and I build towers from the ABC blocks and knock them down. We walk over to join the boys at the neighbor's. Home for Calder to nurse while Piper and Zac pick up sticks from the sidewalk and make a pile in the boulevard. Littles to bed, Zac and I have popcorn and watch some TV.


mle said...

I'm enjoying reading this Emmy. I know it's a lot of work but thanks! Maybe I'll try it next time around :)

Anonymous said...

A skirt and Converses, Piper you are a girl after my heart.
Auntie Ollie

Stormy said...

I love reading about "A Day In The Life of a HomeGrown Hess." You're doing great with the pictures. I've taken more than I ever have but I'm still not up to your level :o) I love that Piper fell asleep with the book. We had one of those days as well and I didn't push the nap. There were about 5 minutes tonight when I thought I had made a huge mistake on not pushing it. Keep up the great work!! And thanks for the great idea!

HomeGrownMama said...

Emily: You should try it. I think especially fun if you have littles about.

Ollie: Maybe I'm that girl. :) I dressed her today.

Stormy: I'm enjoying reading yours too. I think you're doing a phenomenal job. We too had a bit of crabby today - we get out our cranky pants essential oils mix to remedy that.