May 08, 2010

Week In the Life : Day Five

Today was rainy. The dreary day must have made everyone tired, or maybe it was the lack of nap yesterday, Piper slept until almost 9. Calder was up for a bit around 8 then fell back to sleep until 10. While Calder slept Piper and I had our breakfast - eggs and jam for her, I had my jam with my toast. Piper decided to take a shower with me because 'my shoulder is stinky.'

While I got Calder ready for the day Piper brought out the only noise maker in the house, a book. It wasn't working so she request a screwdriver so that she could set to fixing it. She couldn't get it working - darn!

When we were ready to leave it was still raining, so we drove to the library. We took the long way so that I could check if the farmer's market had been rained out. It had, only the seafood truck was there - pass. A stop at the drive thru coffee shop for a decaf mocha and we finally make it to the library. Piper picked out all the Berenstain Bear books, as she does every week, and requests some books about elephants.

Left overs for lunch. As usual she's much slower than I am, probably because she chats more than she eats, and Calder and I stand around waiting to take her to nap. Calder goes down next. I do dishes and clean up, then knit a bit and chat on the phone.

Its still drizzling and chilly out after nap time so we set up at the table for some drawing. Calder sits in his highchair with a few toys. He's happy!

Piper does some beautiful work while trying to dictate what I should be drawing with on my paper.

With both littles happy, I do my own project for a few minutes. After I'm done I hold Calder on my lap, he's grunty because he can't get his hands on the colored pencils. I help him out and hand him a couple.

Zac gets home and we leave to go out to fish fry. We snap a quick family picture while Zac's busy on the phone trying to make plans for later. I'm glad I have the night off from cooking and spare myself another pile of dishes to wash. Piper orders herself a lemonade at the restaurant. Calder falls asleep on the bench. We get home early enough before bed to goof around, make up and sing songs and read a few stories.

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